Culture and Policies

VRDL has undertaken significant work on our culture and policies over the last two years. We have revamped our Constitution and Policies with a focus on anti-exclusion, diversity, and safety.

Victorian Roller Derby League Thunder (Bees) team dressed in bright coloured lycra for warm up! Culture

The updated policies are available for public viewing. We hope these will assist other clubs with policy development and help our members to feel safer and more included in our space. We are also keen to hear more about what other Roller Derby organisations have achieved in regard to their culture and policies.

Our intent that underpins all our policy is below:

Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) wants diverse people to join the league and participate in Roller Derby in the capacity they desire, at the level of their desired participation. We want anyone who wants to join VRDL to be able to join and expand our culture and values.

VRDL knows that there are significant diversity and inclusion challenges in Roller Derby, including within our own organisation, with policy being used as avenues to justify insular culture, discrimination, and exclude participates.

This acknowledgement comes with the conscious effort to update policy to remove barriers for entry and to enforce an anti-exclusion approach to all policy that is reviewed and developed within the organisation.

This focus is to reduce the anxiety, stress, and trauma from processes and policy. We do not want to magnify anxiety and stress caused by discrimination, social exclusion, or other causes.

Effort has been made to consider how our policy intersects with race, sexuality, gender, disability, age, and other factors. If any of our policy negatively affects you please reach out to the Executive Committee and we will aim to revise the policy.

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