Get Involved!

We’ve redesigned our Roller Derby pathways for 2023 to provide more clarity. You can get involved with our Learn to Programs are objective-oriented, with no pre-requisite for completion of the Learn to Skate Program before undertaking the Learn Derby Program. You only need entry-level skating experience to participate.

We’re really excited about what is coming in 2023. We’re really hoping we can focus more on the local community and regional competition, as well as provide more competitive Roller Derby as the WFTDA looks to resume competitive gameplay worldwide.

The WFTDA Competitive Divisions align to the WFTDA Gender Policy available here. This division is for women and gender diverse skaters.

We are always keen for more officials. Officials can come and join the community at no cost (apart from skating insurance with Skate Australia).

Visitors are also welcome! Please head to our Visitors page for more information.

Follow and click on the flowchart below to choose how you get involved in this amazing sport!

Off-Skates Official
Juniors Program
Adult Learning
VRDL Home Teams

We aim to offer anyone the opportunity to share this wonderful sport with us in whatever capacity you feel you can. If you have any questions, please Contact us and we’ll answer them for you.

We can organise for you to come along and watch our training or games, or just get on skates for a short session to see if you like it, get to know who we are and whether you feel comfortable.